International Soccer Club Mississauga

Mississauga Soccer 2019

Outdoor House League Summer Season

FAMILY DISCOUNT (3 Kids 15%, 4 or more Kids 20%)

Season Starts May 21st 2019 until August 19th 2019.

** Certified and Paid Coaches for every team, Weekly Practice+Game/team, FIFA World Cup Uniforms, Same Local Soccer Fields every week **

Coaches will call all Parents by May 18th 2019. Co-ed League

Outdoor Soccer Fields - cleats shoes please - Parents can register player/s in a different time slot (1 year up or down) to play with siblings or firends or to accommodate commute or other kids' activities during the week.

  Born in Age Group Day

Pracitce + Game


May-August. FIFA World Cup Uniform, Ball & Trophy

2015/2014 U4/U5 Mondays
Practice 6:00-6:30 Game 6:30-7:00PM
Map $195 Register NOW
2013 U6 Mondays
Practice 7:00-7:30 Game 7:30-8:00PM
Map $210 Register NOW
2012 U7 Wednesdays
Practice 6:00-6:30 Game 6:30-7:15PM
Map $210 Register NOW
2011 U8 Wednesdays
Practice 7:15-7:45 Game 7:45-8:30PM
Map $210 Register NOW
2010 U9 Thursdays
Practice 6:30-7:30PM Game 7:30-8:30PM
Map $220 Register NOW
2009 U10 Fridays
Practice 6:30-7:30PM Game 7:30-8:30PM
Map $220 Register NOW
2008/2007 U11-12 Tuesdays
Practice 6:15-7:15PM Game 7:15-8:30PM
Map $235 Register NOW
2006/05/04 U13-U15 Wednesdays
Practice 6:15-7:15PM Game 7:15-8:30PM
Map $235 Register NOW

Welcome to The International Soccer Club in Mississauga (ISC)

Affiliate Member of the City of Mississauga, Sanctioned Member of the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) and the Peel Halton Soccer Association (PHSA) to provide Recreation and Competitive Soccer Development Programs for Youth and Kids in the City of Mississauga. International Soccer Club is also a Not for Profit Incorporation focuses on developing the players’ soccer skills in a fun, relaxing and enjoyable environment. Inter Soccer Club in Mississauga is commitment to the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) adopted by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA). League is Co-ed

*Schedule may Change*

ICS Rep Teams offer: Four times/week including Two Practices, One Technical Session and a Weekly Competitive or Development Game with the District Leagues. Certified, Paid, Professional and Experienced Coaches – Highly qualified coaches to bring out the best in each player. Soccer Development Curriculum for Player Development – ISC maintains a weekly structure with three practices per week for each team in addition to weekly games at the district leagues in the summer and at the Hershey Centre in the Fall & Winter seasons. Technical, Tactical and Physiological Development – An all-inclusive curriculum is maintained for every age group to develop players’ technical, physical, tactical and physiological skills.

Rep Development Program. The ISC Rep Development Program (RDP) is now offering year around Two-four Months Technical Skill Development Sessions twice a week geared for kids’ ages 4 to 16 years of age who are interested in growing and enhancing their technical skills with the ball and their tactical and physical skills about the game through a structured technical development curriculum with one of our Senior Coaches every week. The program is supplementary to the player’s regular House League and Rep Program. Program offers the opportunity to get each athlete the technical expertise and development resource needed to achieve their maximum soccer potential. Participants can anticipate weekly managed gender and age cross-over training to further develop confidence in a challenging environment. ISC’s ADP is delivered by the certified, professional and paid coaching staff of the ISC Technical Team.

House League; offers Coed League for boys and girls of all ages. the ISC is proud to offer certified and paid coaches for each and every team. The ISC is proud to offer the first and only Education House League in Canada. The Program provides a fusion of athletic development and socio-cultural awareness. Using Certified and Paid Coaches for every team together with a true replica of the different national soccer team uniforms and national country flags, every team get to learn about the country they player for. Every team get weekly homework answering questions about the country they represent. Players rotate teams every season to learn about different country of the world. This program is specially designed to teach the sport of soccer while instilling a stronger awareness and a better understanding of the world. Their program. This helps to broaden their perspectives on a global scale in the face of globalization’s rapid and steady spread.